Danny and his team have been the best representatives of our interests as both buyers and sellers. Danny provided thorough insight into the housing market in Silicon Valley and the communities where we were interested in moving to, and his negotiation abilities saved or made us tens of thousands of dollars. When we decided to sell our townhome in order to purchase a bigger single family home, I interviewed Danny and other realtors for their services.

When we met Danny, he offered a detailed plan of how to sell our home, from the staging to the marketing to the open houses. He provided market analysis supporting the proposed timing of our sale, and suggested a listing price that was aligned to the market, would maximize interest, and also tempered our expectations. He was responsive during the whole process and answered all of our incessant questions with an upbeat attitude.

Danny provided stagers who made our home look incredible, and then hired videographers and photographers to produce an amazing set of flyers and a video to market our home. Even before our first open house, he was able to market our home to his vast network of fellow agents for a number of private showings. We received our first offer within a week of officially putting our home on the market just after our first weekend of open houses. In a market where the average days on market was around 30 days, this was an amazing feat for Danny. Even after we received our first offer, Danny did not become complacent. He reached out to every serious buyer who visited our house to inform them of the offer in order to assess their intentions of making offers themselves. It is also worth noting that Danny taught us how potential buyers could make more compelling offers outside of the price by waiving contingencies or offering flexible rent-back options. He eventually received additional offers in which we were about to leverage to get the best offer possible. Not only did he get us the record-breaking price for our specific floorplan in our community, he also got the offer with no contingencies and a very attractive rent-back option (which allowed us to stay in the home until we found our new home we wanted to buy).

Danny knew of our interest in the community where he actually grew up and was able to get us private showings to homes in this community even before they were on the market. Obviously it was in his best interest to get us to make an offer on the first house we saw, but he was honest and transparent in his assessment on whether a house was overpriced. He walked us though prices of comparable homes, red flags on inspection reports, and how each house would be appraised (which could impact our loan approval). When we eventually found a house we wanted to make an offer on, Danny immediately reached out to the selling agent to see how much it would cost for them to cancel their impending open house, which we obviously wanted to avoid to minimize any hopes of competing offers. The selling agent refused to give us a price, so Danny actually visited the open houses to scope out the interest in the home and kept in touch with the selling agent to see how many private showings they had. Based on comparable sales and the high level of interest he saw, Danny advised us on our offer price and waiving contingencies. He reached out to our lender to ensure they would let us waive contingencies and did all the due diligence in order for us to make the right offer. After Danny placed our offer which was tens of thousands less than what the sellers were hoping for, Danny was able to convince them to accept our offer within a couple days.

Danny truly showed his outstanding worth during the time when we were in contract with both the seller and the buyer coming up to the closing date of our purchase and the buyer of our townhouse had issues with his loan. This was an especially scary time because our home purchase was dependent on the proceeds from our townhouse sale. During this whole ordeal, Danny was in frequent contact with the buyer’s lender trying to get more information on their issues and progress. When he was unable to get reliable info from the lending agent, he escalated to the lending agent’s manager and was able to relay comforting information to us. As soon as our buyer was finally able to secure the funds to close from the buyer, Danny informed us immediately. He kept us sane during this whole process and even offered back up plans in case our buyers fell through. Even after we were in contract to purchase our home, Danny made himself and his team available to us so that we could access our eventual home with prospective contractors for remodeling work. Team Gould (specifically Hans) made every effort to help us in every facet of this process. I can’t say enough how much we appreciate Danny and his talents and efforts. He has a lifelong client with us
Mochi Rabangi
We were initially introduced to Danny by my brother, who went to Stanford with Danny. We had made a half dozen offers with another agent, and the frustration was mounting. When we had our first meeting with Danny, he told us that over 80% of his clients get their first offer accepted. Sounded too good to be true, but we could tell he was going to do everything he could to help find us a home. Within a WEEK he helped us beat out multiple offers on a house that was perfect for us and our growing family. He demonstrated strong negotiation skills and helped us get what we wanted on our very first offer with him - and we couldn't be happier. Thanks Danny!
Yolanda P.
From the start Danny had a polished, professional, and friendly approach. He took the time to really figure out our goals and needs in terms of what we were looking for. He supported the pacing and schedule that worked best for us.

He has a very solid network of people needed as part of the buying process and was very helpful in arranging introductions. All references were top quality people.

Even if you are only just thinking about getting a house one day, I highly recommend reaching out to him.
Sonja Y
My Fiance and I were exceptionally pleased when we decided to have Danny help us find out first home! He worked so hard to make sure we knew exactly what we were doing and listened to what we wanted! After finding the right home he helped us secure it smoothly. I will be returning to him as well as recommending him to all my friends! You won't go wrong with Danny!
Zillow User
Danny was excellent and accommodating throughout the whole process. He works non stop to make sure everything is on track and and going smoothly! Communication was fantastic and we were never left wondering where we were in the house buying process. If you want a guy who knows the area, prices, and is willing to be available 24/7- Danny is the one! He also has excellent knowledge on VA approved housing in the area. A++
Gretchen Ode
Danny helped us find the perfect starter home for our small family. He worked hard and made time weekly sometimes multiple times in a week to show us houses. It was truly a pleasure working with Danny, he made the process a whole lot lesser. He was also able to get us in contact with a mortgage broker who had experience with VA loans!!! Overall, it was an amazing experience
Danny was awesome, from start-to-finish. My wife and I were looking to buy our first home here in the Bay Area and were put in touch with Danny after reaching out for more information on a property on Trulia. His easy-going demeanor, sense of humor, and seemingly unlimited energy made him the clear choice to help us find our future home. Despite both his and our best efforts, our limited budget and the competitiveness of the Bay Area market made the whole process take longer than expected. However, Danny never lost hope and went out of his way to help us find the right home for us, keeping us from giving up the search on more than one occasion. Because of his perseverance, I am writing this from the comfort of our new home rather than a rented apartment, and he deserves all the credit.
A. Witschonke
As new homebuyers my husband and I thought we were equipped to get through the whole process. Boy were we wrong. Danny was a huge asset to us. He was diligent and hardworking. He took the time to get to know us and understand what stage of our life this home was going to be for. Most of all he was the positive force we needed to keep going. As many probably have experienced lately, buying a home is an emotional rollercoaster with how competitive the market is. Danny was able to rally us to keep going until we were able to get the right place for us. He is a great person to work with and you would be lucky to have him on your side.
Zillow User
I really enjoyed having Danny sell our house. He's very professional, knowledgeable, prompt, optimistic, energized and organized. He's very involved in the whole process - not like other agents that sit back and don't do much. You can count on Danny to help you sell your house at a very good price.
Christina H.
Danny had sold our neighbor's home and when we decided to sell ours we gave him a call. He was very professional and knowledgable right from the beginning. He knew our neighborhood well and even our home upgrades! Any home seller knows that the process can be very nerve wrecking and stressful. Danny was able to ease a lot of our concerns and handled issues that arose during our sales process flawlessly. He even recomended what price to list our home and it was way higher than what we expected to price it at. Well he knew the market and he knew the buyers for our home and in the end we got over asking! If it weren't for him, we would have left some serious money on the table. I would not hesitate to give Danny a call for any of our future real estate needs. Thanks Danny!
Danny was very helpful in our purchase of a second property in the San Jose area. He took time during the Thanksgiving holiday while on vacation out of the country to negotiate our purchase of the property; and took care of all the details of the transaction while we were out of the country for the Christmas holiday
Joe F.
Danny helped us through the process of buying our new home and he did an excellent job. He quickly replied to every query we had within minutes (even on weekends) and the process went through very smoothly. He also continues to be responsive even after we closed the deal, which we appreciate. Overall I highly recommend him.
Alex G.
A home fell back onto the market on Tuesday with an open house scheduled for that weekend. Was checked it out that evening and had an offer in and accepted before Friday. Additionally assisted in getting the seller to fix a $6,000 problem that the two home inspectors had missed, but after inspection contingencies were waived.
Zillow User
I have known Danny for over five years. I've been his roommate three times while we were studying at Stanford, and I have had innumerable interactions with him. Given this, I believe that I am more than qualified to comment on his ability and personality.
In terms of both friendliness and intelligence, Danny is truly one of those rare individuals who comes around once every couple of years. If I ever needed help on a paper or assignment, he was always more than willing to aid me, even if he was having a busy week of his own. He always made sure to reach the goals which he set for himself (both academic and extracurricular), indicating a high level of both seriousness and self-control. This, combined with his overall amiability and openness, has contributed greatly to making my undergraduate years the best and most fruitful years of my life. I am incredibly fortunate to have known him for so long, and will continue to keep in close contact with him through the years.
Without a doubt, I plan on working with Danny for all future real estate investments. He has my absolute strongest recommendation
Frank Lui
Danny recommended me the best surgeon for me and my wife's nose job. We get so many compliments now everyday on the street of how great we look, Thanks Danny you're the best!!
Broke B.
We used Danny's services to purchase a rental property, he did a great job keeping up on things even when he was out of the country visiting family. Danny took care of problems while we were also out of the country during the holidays.
We plan to use Danny again on our next deal.
Kayin C.
We first met Danny nearly 2 years ago. He came over to my house to discuss selling it, my fiancé and I were planning to move in together so we needed a bigger space. I was impressed by Danny's poise and knowledge, so I decided he would be the best fit for us. It took us a year, but we finally made the decision to move. Danny's team went to work extremely quickly, preparing our home for sale in less than a week. We did it! We found the perfect home while our home was listed for sale. Despite going up against multiple offers, and the fact we came in contingent on the sale of our property, Danny was able to get us the house! A few days later, Danny went back and countered all the offers we received on our home. He fought to get us the highest price we could possibly get. His negotiation skills on both ends of the transaction were amazing, and we couldn't be happier with the result. I definitely will be referring Danny to all my friends!
Valerie H.
I've worked with Danny on several deals (home sale and purchase) and have recommended him to friends and family. He is a hard working, clean cut professional who has had my best interest in mind on every deal. He is a good negotiator and done me well. I will definitely continue to use Danny in the future.
Evan J.
A home fell back onto the market on Tuesday with an open house scheduled for that weekend. Was able to check it out that evening and had an offer in and accepted before Friday.

Additionally assisted in getting the seller to fix a $6,000 problem that the two home inspectors had missed, but after inspection contingencies were waived.
Byc M.
My husband and I were about to give up on the idea of being homeowners. After months of searching and making offers we were very discouraged. My brother told me to check out Danny Gould. They had gone to Stanford together and my brother guaranteed me he knows how to hustle and get the job done. We had made a half dozen offers with another agent, and the frustration was mounting. We agreed to meet with Danny, and we walked away incredibly impressed. He spent more than two hours outlining the home buying process and very carefully explained how his approach was different. He told us that over 80% of his clients get their first offer accepted. Sounded too good to be true, yet by his energy I could tell he was very talented, and I thought even if we don't get it on the first, I like his enthusiasm and I want to work with him. Within a WEEK he helped us beat out multiple offers on a house that was perfect for us and our growing family. I can't tell you how much I appreciated his honesty, because it gave us the information we needed to make decisions. Danny will guide you, and he's excellent about putting the ball back in your court as a client. He had superb negotiation skills and helped us get what we wanted on our very first offer with him. He wasn't kidding about the 80%! We're thrilled we worked with Danny, and I recommend him to anyone who talks about wanting to buy a home but feeling a little intimidated. We we there, and now we're in our new home thanks to Danny!
Yolanda P.
Danny was incredibly patient and helpful when it came to my husband and I trying to buy a home in this very tumultuous market. We are foreigners so it was extra helpful to have someone with excellent knowledge not only relating to the current market and area but how the buying process works as well. We're pretty grateful to now have a lovely home ... Danny was a pleasure to work with and kept his cool throughout the whole process - and I am a very difficult customer so that is saying a lot. Would recommend him in a heart beat.
Katy S.
We wanted to take this opportunity to recommend Danny Gould and The Gould Team, Selling Silicon Valley to anyone in the area who is thinking about selling their home. Bar none – Danny and his team have left an outstanding and lasting impression.
If you live in the area, you have probably heard of Danny and seen his signs up all over, as well as online; we have been impressed by his tenacity and work ethic with every home he has sold in our neighborhood. We had been contemplating selling our property for some time, so when it came time to do so, we already had an idea as to whom we wanted to work with. After meeting with Danny and seeing how extremely professional he was in his approach, we were convinced. Read the Full Review Here
We wish to share our experience in working with The Gould Team of Intero Real Estate Services during the process of selling our home. Bar none – Danny and his team have left an outstanding impression, and we highly recommend him to anyone who is selling/buying a home. Read the Full Review Here
We wish to share our experience in working with The Gould Team of Intero Real Estate Services during the process of selling our home. We highly recommend Danny Gould and his team and had an excellent experience working with him. While it may not seem that the listing agent matters, we can assure you that it absolutely does. Read the Full Review Here
Evan J.
We want to share with you our experience in working with Danny Gould and The Gould Team of Intero Real Estate Services during the process of selling our home. Simply put, we highly recommend Danny, and had an excellent experience working with him. While it may not seem that the listing agent matters, we can assure you that it absolutely does. Read the Full Review Here
Mark H
My name is Mary Bromage, and I listed my Silicon Valley home without any success this past year. That’s until I met Danny Gould and The Gould Team of Intero Real Estate Services. While it may not seem that the listing agent matters, I can assure you that it absolutely does. Read the Full Review Here
Mary B.
Stephanie was extremely helpful in the process of helping my family and I find purchase our very first home. Even though we met her last year and weren't ready to buy a house until this year, she made sure to always stay in contact with us. She helped us every step of the way.
Veronica C.
Stephanie helped us both sell our existing home and purchase our new home. She was extremely knowledgeable about both processes and helped walk us through the ins and outs of how to use the gains from our sale for the purchase of our new home. She worked diligently to close both the sale and purchase on the same day which is nearly unheard of, which even saved us from having to do a short rental agreement. She was a pleasure to work with and without her, we would not have been able to find a beautiful affordable home in the perfect location. :)
Joshua M.
Stephanie Hicks is a phenomenal agent! I can't speak highly enough of our experience with her. We knew we were getting a great person on our side, but she by far surpassed our expectations. Immediately after visiting our home, she already had a solid plan to sell and get us into our dream home. Stephanie advised us every step of the way. To boot, Stephanie even offered to paint, pack, and so much more. She was in constant communication with us. Even when vacationing out of the country. Thanks to Stephanie's substantial knowledge, she knew how to evaluate a home. Her selling price analysis for our home was precise. This resulted in a final sale very close to our asking price and well above our original expectations. A few days after the sale Stephanie helped us buy our dream home. I highly recommend Stephanie. She is an exceptionally amazing realtor. Stephanie provided rock-solid support from the first day we met her and continues to check in on us. She is more than a friend, Stephanie is a part of our family now. If we ever needed to sell or buy again, she the only person we would work with. If you want to be realtor spoiled contact her! Thank you so much Stephanie!!
We didn’t have a buyer’s agent and met Stephanie at one of her open houses. We didn’t end up purchasing that house, but got a good feeling from Stephanie and enlisted her help to be our agent for the buying process. Even though she was out of the office (and out of the country) for parts of our looking/buying period, she was very responsive and made sure we were taken care of and didn’t miss a beat! Hope to use her again in the future as we grow our real estate portfolio!
Bradley B.
Stephanie did a great job! She represented me above and beyond my expectations! She even went to the house to watch my dog when people looked at the house if I could not. She just did a wonderful job! I would certainly call her again if I sold my home. I was completely satisfied with her work! If you need an agent call Stephanie. You won't be sorry!
Robert P.
Stephanie was very professional and incredibly responsive. Every question was responded with an explanation that was easy to understand. We sold my parents house after their death. I lived out of the area and Stephanie understand the local market and her team stepped in and made me feel the house was in great hands. She made the process seem effortless and efficient. We had multiple offers and Stephanie help us navigate the offers and negotiate the best deal among all of them.
Anthony L.
I have had occasions to buy and sell several homes over many decades, but never have I experienced such a positive real estate experience as I did working with Stephanie Hicks of Intero Realty. She was patient and considerate, professional and gracious, and incredibly capable and knowledgeable in her field. Stephanie was prompt to respond to my many questions, kept me well informed at all times, and sold my home within the first week at full price! I was able to sign documents remotely, which was very helpful, since I lived in another part of the state. It was simply the best experience possible, and I am extremely grateful to Stephanie!
Jan T.
Very professional and a joy to work with!!!! We were one of her first clients and you would of never known it. Stephanie handles herself very well, her negotiation skills were very impressive. I have already recommended her to others.
Keppers Family
"My husband and I recently purchased our first home using Dawn as our realtor. The real estate market we are in right now made the job especially challenging because even after going to months of open houses every weekend with Dawn by our side every time, we were outbid 5 times before we got our perfect home. I would highly and enthusiastically recommend Dawn to absolutely anybody looking for their first or fiftieth home! She is professional, thorough, detail oriented, communicates efficiently and effectively working around my and my husband's demanding schedules, and incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She happily held our hand throughout the entire process and we truly feel we couldn't have done it without Dawn! We couldn't have asked for a better guide and friend on our team during this extremely important process, and we are confident you'll feel the same. "
Megan R.
Dawn and Tom have assisted me in the sale of three properties in the last nine years, and there are plenty of reasons for my repeat business. First, integrity is very important to me. Dawn and Tom are ethical, honest and fair to both the seller and potential buyers.

Second, Dawn is proactive and has great follow-through. She is on top of what needs to be done during the entire process. Dawn has years of experience, and looks out for and takes steps to avoid potential issues. In my most recent sale, I was an out-of-town seller. Tom took care of many details like ensuring the property was secure. One window was faulty and could have easily been an entry point for "uninvited guests." Tom arranged to secure the window and two patio doors, set up lights on timers and picked up mail.

Communication couldn't be better. I never had to wonder what was happening, what the next step would be or what my options were. Dawn provided the information I needed to make informed decisions in a timely manner. Great results is another reason I work with this team. In all three sales, the purchase price was above my expectation and we were under contract within two weeks with well-qualified buyers. And last, but not least, Dawn and Tom are a true joy to work with. I now count them as friends who are a blessing in my life. If I have an opportunity to complete another real estate transaction in Santa Clara County in the future, there is no doubt who I will be working with!
Kathy O.
I recommend Dawn for anyone who is serious about buying or selling a home. She is a confident and professional realtor with years of experience. She knows everything there is to know about the housing market and explains the process of buying a home to you in a way that you can understand. Dawn makes her clients feel at ease by assuring them that she will meet their needs and follow through with her promises. My husband and I put in a total of 9 offers. Dawn diligently gathered paperwork & signatures for every one of them without any hesitation. She followed through with each offer and reassured us that we will find the house of our dreams. And with Dawn's motivation and persistence, we did! Thank you so much for all of your help Dawn!!
Fresquez Family
We have used Dawn O'Neal exclusively for almost two decades as both buyers and sellers. Her service is unparalleled -- from her professionalism to her tech savvy to her knowledge of the market and how to close the deal. We've purchased and sold properties that are large and small, country and urban and we have encountered every level of deal from the most fluid to the most stressful. As the most discerning of clients (understatement) we have been thrilled with her services on every transaction. Highly recommended!
Susan D.
Phani Bhaskar - Client, Seller We have worked with Dawn in both capacity as buyer & seller. She is very knowledgeable about real estate market in san Jose area, very patient, provides you right information at right time and let's you take decisions. Very nice realtor to workl with.
Phani B.
I always give my clients a combo lockbox at the end of the transactions. Many of my clients swear it was the best gift of all they receive. Here is one client’s report……… Ok a few funnies of how we have gotten to use the lock box. #1 Early this fall the kids locked themselves in their room while playing a game. Their door lock has always been on the outside of the door, it was like that when we moved in and we never had changed it. Our neighbor came to the rescue and used the lock box to get in the house!!! #2 Today the kids had late start because of the cold temps, Ben and I went to work. They stayed home and caught the bus. All doors locked while we are gone including our kitchen door that goes into the attached garage. Joey came home sick today….. yep when we got home and in the garage guess what was still locked?! Thank goodness for the lock box. Thank you again. Margi
Ben & Margi
I have worked with a couple of realtors in the past and definitely have heard some of the horror stories from my friends so I can say with definition that Dawn (and Tom) are hands down the best I know, have worked with and have heard about when it comes to buying and/or selling residential properties. She is honest, straight forward and extremely experienced. And even with a couple of new "twists" that we put her through, she came up to speed almost instantly and still brought high value to the overall transaction. Hands down a recommendation always and definitely someone you want on your side during the negotiation! Dawn already knows all of our future listings are going her way!
Mike Z.
Dawn has been my real estate broker for more than a decade and I recommend her with the highest regard. I have referred Dawn to many friends and each has told me they had the best experience with her. Purchasing real estate requires great knowledge (of the market and of the process), professionalism and experience. Dawn has it all. From the easiest to the most challenging of transactions (and there have been incredible challenges on some deals!) she effectively and efficiently (hyper-efficiently, in fact!) managed the process from start to closing. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done -- from my first house long ago to my investment properties over the years. She's the best there is!
Susan D.
My husband and I have used Dawn on a couple of Real Estate transactions, and we can say that she is one of the most knowledable and professional agents we have had the pleasure to work with, and would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home! Keep up the good work Dawn, talk soon. Roger & Kim Sauln Carson City, Nevada"
Roger S.
If you can't say something nice...Oakland, CA Compliment .5/28/2009 First to Review .Dawn O'Neal and Tom Binder were our agents when it came time to sell my family's home. They were wonderful. They handled all the difficult tasks, paid close attention to every detail and were patient with a lot of questions from various family members. They are superb Realtors and super nice people. Without reservation I highly recommend them -- I'd give them 100 stars if that were possible!
Stacey W.
"Dawn O'Neal, Broker/Owner of Realty World Executive Advantage is a person I can highly recommend without any hesitation. She provides her clients with the top level service that is so important in gaining repeat business. Her clients become friends. That says so much about her as not only a Real Esate Broker but as a person. She truly cares. Her attention to detail is outstanding. She is community minded as well as being involved in the real estate industry. Again, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is the best!
Nancy D.
"Dawn helped us buy our first home. Her years of experience and warm heart made the process easy and stress free. We have recommended Dawn to all of our family and friends. She will be our first phone call once we are ready for our second home."
Peter E.
"Dawn is a true expert in her field. She identifies and follows through on the small details, and she is very experienced, creative and adept at handling the most challenging negotiation situations. She is committed to making sure that you meet your objectives when buying or selling your home."
Liz V.
GOOD MORNING DAWN! WE WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE MADE OUR FIRST HOMEBUYING EXPERIENCE A VERY ENJOYABLE AND MEMORABLE ONE!! WE HAVE FELT VERY “TAKEN CARE OF”, BY THE EXECUTIVE ADVANTAGE STAFF. It always seemed as if you kept our best interests in mind as moved through each and every step of the process. Since we are now stepping into the week in which escrow is scheduled to close, we can hardly hold back our excitement as we look forward to this Thursday. Looking back, we definitely had the advantage with a team like Michelle Morse Reen at Amerimac, and your supporting staff. You have a customer for life, and we’ll always recommend both Amerimac and Executive Advantage wherever possible.
Greg M.
"Dawn is one of the most dependable and tenacious individuals I know. I know a great many realtors; Dawn is outstanding among them. When she takes on a project, you absolutely know it will get done! She truly epitomizes her motto: "Exceeding expectations -- always!""
Greg & Martha
Just wanted to share something with you. Yesterday, Adithya started 6th grade at Kennedy Middle School. It didn't really sink in till I went to bed last night. Dawn, this is something I have dreamed of, for my children and I'm just amazed at the fact that my dream came true, inspite of all the hardship that I've been through. And I think I owe it all to you - not as my Realtor alone, but also for being there for me the whole time. I had some ideas and you believed in me and helped me make my dreams come true even though it was a long shot. When Adithya was 3 or 4, I decided that he would go to Kennedy and Monta Vista. When I bought my first house, Adithya got into Faria school (which BTW stood first in the state of CA for the fourth time in a row this year), and Yashas followed. Now, Adithya has begun his Middle school at Kennedy. In three years he'll be at Monta Vista. Knock on Wood. You may think I'm silly telling you this, but I thought that you would be the only one who would understand. I have realized that miracles do happen if you just have the faith and if you have wonderful friends like you who really care. Thanks so much for everything you have done for me. I couldn't have gotten this far without you. In my culture they say that God doesn't really show himself to people when they need him, but comes in the form of normal human beings and one way I have seen Him is through you, Dawn. Thanks for everything and for being part of my life,
When Hank and I were ready to sell our house in Cupertino, I'm sure that we shared with most sellers the dilemma of selecting the right realtor for such a humungus task! We did, in fact, interview other realtors, but when we met you and listened to your no-nonsense, sound advice, we knew that you were the person for the job! The purpose of this letter is to tell you that you never let us down. You worked very hard on our behalf. You made it easy to rely on you, and we thank you.
Estelle L.

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