How Much Does a Home in Silicon Valley Cost? | Home Buyer Tips

How Much Does a Home in Silicon Valley Cost? | Home Buyer Tips 2021


It’s no secret that living in Silicon Valley isn’t cheap. Living in one of the biggest tech hubs in the nation will take a lot of planning and it’s important to know what to expect each step of the way. So how can you stay ahead of the competition and make sure you get your offer accepted in the current Silicon Valley market? We’re covering the most important costs and fees that you’ll run into when buying a home and what exactly each of them means.

When you buy a home in Silicon Valley there are an array of fees you’ll run into as you work to buy your home. Six of the most common home-buying fees are:

  1. Earnest Money Deposit (E.M.D)

  2. Down Payments

  3. Inspection Costs

  4. Title and Escrow Fees/City and County Transport Taxes 

  5. Lender’s Fees

  6. Commissions

If you already know what each of these means, that’s great! You’re already a full step ahead of your competitors. But if you’re not familiar with these terms, then we’ve got the video for you. Watch “How Much Does a Home in Silicon Valley Cost?” for a full explanation for each of these terms and how they apply to your Silicon Valley home buying journey.


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