How to Make a Down Payment in a Competitive Market

Down Payment Assistance How to Make a SUCCESSFUL Down Payment in Competitive Bay Area Housing Market

One of the costliest parts of buying a home is making your initial down payment. It’s the percentage of the entire home's purchase price that you’re paying upfront in order to close on your dream home. So what makes a down payment a good down payment and what steps do you take towards making one if you don’t quite have the money to pay right away?

In Silicon Valley, homebuyers have the ability to look into down payment assistance. What does that mean? It means in this ultra-competitive market that Silicon Valley home buyers constantly find themselves in, there is the option of finding down payment assistance to help them close on the home of their dreams. How does it work? In this video, team leader Danny Gould and lending expert Monique discuss how down payment assistance works and what it takes to make a successful down payment in the Silicon Valley housing market.


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