Pros and Cons of Living in Mountain View, California

Pros and Cons of Mountain View, CA | Living in Mountain View 2021

Named for its view of the Santa Clara Mountains, Mountain View is one of the most desirable cities to live in in Silicon Valley. Many tech companies have made Mountain View their base of operations, others settle here for the open air and natural environment. But no matter where it is, every place is going to have pros and cons. With a growing population of just over 82,000 people, any cons Mountain View has certainly aren’t enough to deter people from moving here. So what can you expect as a resident of Mountain View, California?

In this video, we’ve compiled a list of our biggest Mountain View pros and cons. Some of the best and worst parts of living here. Will it be enough to convince you to take the plunge and see what life here is like? Or will you decide another city might be better suited for you and your family? Find out by watching “Pros and Cons of Living in Mountain View, CA” below!

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