Second Thing to Know Before You Buy in San Jose, California

Three Things You MUST KNOW About Buying in San Jose, CA in 2021

We’ve already touched on the number one must know before buying in San Jose and in case you missed it click here to find out. There’s still plenty more to learn. If you’ve never been to San Jose or really anywhere else in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, then you will need to know what driving in the area is like. 

2. Traffic in San Jose is Rough

Silicon Valley is a very commuter-heavy area. Most people who live in Silicon Valley have to travel outside city limits to get to work resulting in commute times as short as a few minutes up to a few hours. Now, where do you fall into this? With San Jose as our starting point, your commute time varies depending on which way you’re going. You can expect traffic to pick up around 6 to 7 AM and stay that way until close to 9:30 AM if you’re heading into San Jose in the mornings. It’ll pick back up around 3 PM lasting until 7 or even 8 PM leaving San Jose. If your commute is opposite and you’re heading out when everyone else is heading in, you’ll have an easier time driving to and from work.

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