Silicon Valley Bank Collapses, Now What?

Impact of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse | Bay Area Housing Market Report 2023

In one of the largest financial disasters we’ve seen in the last decade, the collapse of the Silicon Valley bank raises the question: Now what?

It’s been a week since the collapse, and we’re now seeing changes in the market, reflecting the impact the collapse has had on local Bay Area housing markets. So if you’re a buyer or seller in the market, is it time to worry, or is there still good news to be had from this situation?

In this Bay Area Housing Market report, we’re breaking down the latest headlines to help you determine facts from fear-mongering. We also break down what the impact of this financial collapse has had on the housing market across the Bay Area and how it might affect you as a buyer or seller in this market.

Find out everything you need to know in this video!

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