The Economy is in a Recession…What About the Housing Market?

Bay Area Housing Market Report: How Will the Recession Affect You in 2022?

With an impending recession and the housing market changing quickly as a result many home buyers and home sellers might be thinking “how is this going to affect me?” The last time the economy experienced a recession of this capacity was back in 2008, so the majority of first time home buyers today might be experiencing these economic conditions for the first time. In our latest Bay Area Housing Market Report, we’re breaking down the housing market in your county to help you understand what this recession means for you as a home buyer or seller in 2022. 

Is it still the right time to sell? Should you keep your home in the market or is it time to unlist? And for buyers, is it still a smart time to buy? Or should you wait a few months before putting that down payment on your dream home? We’re analyzing recent data to help you answer all of these questions and more. Watch our latest Bay Area Housing Market Report below for all the information you need to navigate your housing market amidst the impending recession.


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