Cost of Living in Mountain View, California in 2021

What Does it Cost to Be a Resident in Mountain View, CA?

Mountain View, named for its view of the Santa Cruz mountains, is a beautiful Silicon Valley city with small-town qualities. It has a lot of opportunities for those looking to break into the tech field, and plenty to enjoy simply if you’re wanting to move and start somewhere new. The city is home to over 82,000 people already and if you’re hoping to be the next, the question you’re likely asking is “How much is the cost of living in Mountain View?”

Much like many, if not all, of the communities within Silicon Valley, the cost of living is high. With such high demand and limited space for those moving here, housing prices and just about everything else are through the roof. But what are the exact number you can expect to run into? Housing costs, health care, commuting expenses, and more? We’re going over all of this and more. Watch our video, “Cost of Living in Mountain View, California in 2021” for a comprehensive breakdown and the most important cost of living expenses you can expect to run into as a resident of Mountain View, California.

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