What to Know About Living in Mountain View | Mountain View California, Must Knows

Before You Move to Mountain View, What Do You Need to Know?

If you’re considering making the move to Mountain View, there is so much to know before buying and settling down.

It is a small city located between Palo Alto and Santa Clara. It’s home to 82,000 residents and is the birthplace of Silicon Valley. It's centrally located which makes hopping over to nearby cities easy. The beautiful Bay Area weather allows for everyone to enjoy all the true outdoorsy-ness offered in Mountain View from hiking trails to parks and lakes. It’s a very natural area but it still encompasses the tech aspect found all over Silicon Valley. Companies like Google who’ve placed their headquarters here are a driving force in the community. It’s got a little bit of everything for everyone, so is Mountain View the place for you?

For the full scoop on what life is like in Mountain View, we break it all down for you on Selling Silicon Valley TV. Check out our video “What to Know About Living in Mountain View”. 

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